#JustAsk – Episode 7

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 7

In this #JustAsk Gappiya get asked to give a small tour around his house. Meanwhile Ratne aiys busy talking to suddi.

#JustAsk – Episode 6

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 6

In this #JustAsk episode someone asks if Gappiya ever got electricuted. That opens up Gappiya’s memory on how it happend.

#JustAsk – Episode 5

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 5

In this #JustAsk episode someone is bothered about public swearing and Gappiya try it out himself.

#JustAsk – Episode 4

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 4

In this #JustAsk as per audience request suddi put Batman’s costume on. On the other hand someone want’s to see how Gappiya bruch his teach.

#JustAsk – Episode 3

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 3

In this #JustAsk episode, Gappiya is curious about what other people think about his beard. So he ring them up and ask.

#JustAsk – Episode 2

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 2

Second episode of #JustAsk series. In this episode, Gappiya explains the advantage of being the odd one and how to be successful in YouTube.

#JustAsk – Episode 1

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 1

Introducing #JustAsk. Gappiya’s fans get to ask questions from Gappiya. Gappiya chooses which ones to answer and how.