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    What do water guns have to do with the internet?

    When I asked Gerald Steffens, an optimizer and lateral thinker, for a book with which one can acquire basic SEO knowledge, he did not have to think long: ” Website Boosting 2.0 ” was his tip. Well, I thought to myself. The title is somewhat reminiscent of neon-colored water pistols with a two-liter tank and aiming device, but that doesn’t mean anything. (I noticed that the comparison was somewhat accurate when I read it.) So, I ordered the book in app store and – to put it in advance – did not regret the investment of 34.95 euros.

    Website Boosting 2.0This is mainly due to the fact that Mario Fischer’s work with 800 pages presents itself as a real heavyweight, but the content is easily digestible. My greatest fear of not being able to understand a word or even being killed by the information about search engines, page optimization and visitor flows turned out to be completely unfounded. The expert recommends to his readers on page 493 and, unlike some of his colleagues from the specialist book industry, adheres consistently to this requirement. Some passages may not be obvious at first glance, depending on your previous knowledge, but at the latest when you read them a second or third time, it “clicks”. Many practical examples, tips on useful tools as well as all kinds of graphics and pictures help.

    Mario Fischer knows how to unravel the complex topic and get to the point. There is a good reason why he needs 800 pages. If you think you can put a page online in a few minutes, you will be at the top of the search engines within two weeks and make a small fortune, the author will put a damper on it. Even seasoned site operators should see more than one light when reading. Because many facets that make or can make success, and there are some, as 31 chapters prove, are simply overlooked. You have to see the world – in this case the Internet – with different eyes, that of the search engines and the users. That is a conclusion that I have drawn for myself.

    If you are seriously concerned with the topic of the Internet and want to achieve more than showing grandmother and grandpa pictures on your own homepage, “Website Boosting 2.0” proves to be SEO in your briefcase. You can conveniently take the book with you to the office or on a business trip and have all the facts at hand, from the correct choice of words in advertising to the value and the sensible arrangement of links to the user-friendly layout. It may not replace the knowledge that professionals have gained over the years, but it does help to get on the right track. And that is what ultimately matters: knowing how the rabbit is going, instead of being impressed by the agency’s latitude. That is why the book does not belong on the shelf, even though it tends to look good there, but on the desk.