I lost my Instagram account

Finally, this is what I was waiting for. Years of hard work and original content has been approved by the Zuckerberg family. I am part of royal.

Eagerly I put my email and phone number to get the honorary badge. Not even a second go pass I get a few followed up emails from Instagram.


I tried logging in and I got this.

“Username is invalid”

It took me another few seconds to digest what has just happened. My Instagram got hacked. Is that what just happened? I couldn’t believe it. Can I be this stupid? I work fulltime as a digital marketing executive and talk to clients about Facebook and Instagram ads all-day. I can’t even recognise a simple phishing email? You got to be kidding me.

It turns out I can be stupid when I don’t pay attention. After a few hours, I reflected on this incident.

1) I was in between dealing with a few stressful work emails.

2) I was also stressed about finding a new place to rent. My lease is running out in a about three and a half weeks so I was constantly checking my emails to see updates from property managers.

3) My wife moved out and took most of the furniture and kitchen equipment with her. I was stressed about how to replace the essentials without spending too much money.

4) At this point, I don’t have access to a car any more. I was trying to figure out how to do all the running around involved with moving and buying stuff. Yes, it’s her car so she took that as well.

So I guess my mind was on too many places and when I saw the ‘blue batch’ reference I thought this is the silver lining.

However, what was also surprising is my attitude towards losing the Instagram audience. It took me years to build up to 50 thousand followers. It’s not huge but it’s not tiny either. I was more, angry at myself for losing my edge. I wasn’t even bothered about the audience I’ve apparently gathered.

Two days have gone pass when I am writing this. Today I decided to send a support enquiry to Facebook see if there’s anything they can do. At this stage, I don’t think it’s going to make much difference whether I get my account back or not.

However, I am determined to make a difference in how I approach stressful situations. This period of my life is one of the most mentally challenging situations, in recent years. As a big advocate of Zen and stoicism, I should do better.

As stoics say;

“Let go.” Worry about events in the external world is unnecessary. “What will be, will be” (not fatalism but determinism). “Don’t carry the boat, let the boat carry you.”