How to manage time – #GappiyaThinking (Epi-5)

How to mange time - #GappiyaThinking (Epi-5)

Time doesn’t stop for anybody. These days for most people there is not enough time in the day to do everything they want to do. How can we manage our …

The Hell

The Hell - Watch Gappiya comedy video

This week, Ratne aiya like to give Silly malli a bit of preview of the hell. Logo on to Gappiya Pictures every Friday for sinhala comedy videos at 12.30PM Sri Lankan Time. Please leave your …

How to be happy – #GappiyaThinking (Epi-4)

Gappiya Positive Thinking Video - How To Be Happy

This week we are discussing ways to be happy. We all want to be happy. But it seems like no matter what we do, happiness is a hard place to …

#JustAsk – Episode 11

#JustAsk - Episode 11 - Gappiya funny video

In this episode of #JustAsk, suddi wants to show off her underwear. Tune in to on every friday for comedy videos and every monday for positive thinking videos. Look …

How to Write a Script – Gappiya Film School (Lesson2)

How to write a script - Gappiya Film School (Lesson2)

In this lesson we are going to discuss indie way of script writing. Big budget film production starts with a script, then sourcing actors and finally scouting for locations. If you have a limited budget …

How to Focus – #GappiyaThinking (Epi3)

Gappiya Positive Thinking - How To Focus Video

If we learn how to focus we can pretty much achieve anything in life. Here are some quick and simple steps to help you focus and improve your work life …


Gappiya Comedy Videos - Stars

Silly malli is looking for stars in the day time and Wije aiya knows how to look for them. Gappiya sinhala comedy videos on every Friday 12.30 pm. Explore videos …

#JustAsk – Episode 10

Gappiya PIctures - #JustAsk Epi 10

Once again Gappiya get asked too many questions. This, time Gappiya is bored answering them so he decided to have a party instead.

#JustAsk – Episode 9

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk 9

So in this #JustAsk episode 10, someone asks a question about the thinking pattern in Sri Lanka. See what Gappiya has to say about it.