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Animals – Watch Gappiya Funny Video

Animals - Watch Gappiya funny video

In this episode Spider man has a serious question about animals and Ratne aiya comes to help. Watch Gappiya funny videos every Friday 12.30PM.
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Letter from god


In this episode Silly malli receives a letter from the god. Click on the link above to watch the full video. Check out every Friday to checkout sinhala funny …

The Christmas Present

PittThamai - Buy Gappiya T-Shirt

In this episode Rosy asks for a Christmas present from Wije aiya. Gappiya funny videos every Friday at 12.30 Sri Lankan time.…

The Photo

The photo - Watch Gappiya funny video

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Wije aiya helps rosy to take a picture to upload to her facebook. She gets a surprice from results. New sinhala comedy videos every Friday 12.30PM…

The Hell

The Hell - Watch Gappiya comedy video

This week, Ratne aiya like to give Silly malli a bit of preview of the hell. Logo on to Gappiya Pictures every Friday for sinhala comedy videos at 12.30PM Sri Lankan Time. Please leave your …


Gappiya Comedy Videos - Stars

Silly malli is looking for stars in the day time and Wije aiya knows how to look for them. Gappiya sinhala comedy videos on every Friday 12.30 pm. Explore videos …

The God’s Gift

Gappiya Funny video - The god's gift

This week Silly Malli get’s a gift from God. Tune in to Gappiya YouTube channel or website for funny internet videos every Friday. Sinhala comedy videos, online funny short films …

The Gecko

Gappiya Videos - The Gecko

The Olympic Race

Gappiya Pictures - Olympic Race

Ratne aiya is getting ready for a Olympic Race.

The Bed

Gappiya Pictures - The Bed

Ratne aiya is serving a customer who needs a new bed.
Gappiya Pictures Mini Movie. Watching Time 3 minutes.

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