#JustAsk – Episode 13

#JustAsk Epi13 - Watch Gappiya Video

#JustAsk – Episode 12

In this #JustAsk episode spiderman is up to something. Watch Gappiya funny videos every Friday at 12.30PM Sri Lankan time.


#JustAsk – Episode 11

#JustAsk - Episode 11 - Gappiya funny video

In this episode of #JustAsk, suddi wants to show off her underwear. Tune in to gappiya.com on every friday for comedy videos and every monday for positive thinking videos. Look …

#JustAsk – Episode 10

Gappiya PIctures - #JustAsk Epi 10

Once again Gappiya get asked too many questions. This, time Gappiya is bored answering them so he decided to have a party instead.

#JustAsk – Episode 9

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk 9

So in this #JustAsk episode 10, someone asks a question about the thinking pattern in Sri Lanka. See what Gappiya has to say about it.

#JustAsk – Episode 8

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Episode 8

In this episode of #JustAsk Suddi get asked to do a Sinhala rap song while Gappiya sorting out political problems.

#JustAsk – Episode 7

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 7

In this #JustAsk Gappiya get asked to give a small tour around his house. Meanwhile Ratne aiys busy talking to suddi.

#JustAsk – Episode 6

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 6

In this #JustAsk episode someone asks if Gappiya ever got electricuted. That opens up Gappiya’s memory on how it happend.

#JustAsk – Episode 5

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 5

In this #JustAsk episode someone is bothered about public swearing and Gappiya try it out himself.

#JustAsk – Episode 4

Gappiya Pictures - #JustAsk Epi 4

In this #JustAsk as per audience request suddi put Batman’s costume on. On the other hand someone want’s to see how Gappiya bruch his teach.