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How to film on your own (Part2) – Gappiya Film School

How to shoot on your own (part2) - Gappiya film school

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In this episode Gappiya talks about how to film multiple characters on your own. Preparing a detailed storyboard and a floor chart is essential when you shoot on …

How to Write a Script – Gappiya Film School (Lesson2)

How to write a script - Gappiya Film School (Lesson2)

In this lesson we are going to discuss indie way of script writing. Big budget film production starts with a script, then sourcing actors and finally scouting for locations. If you have a limited budget …

How to make videos – Gappiya Film School (Lesson1)

How to make videos - Gappiya film school (lesson1)

Let’s have a look at the main components we need in order to make an online video.1. A script 2. Actors 3. A Camera 4. A publishing platform. The main …

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