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#10Rules(Epi-10) – How to choose a career path

10Rules(Epi-10) - Watch Gappiya Comedy Video

In this #10Rules episode Gangster Ratne talks about the best way to choose a career path. Checkout gappiya.com every Friday at 12.30 Sri Lankan time for new Gappiya comedy videos.…

#10Rules (Epi9) – How to be famous

#10Rules(Epi9) - How to be famous - Watch Gappiya Funny Video

This week, Ratne aiya is bringing you a lesson on how to be famous. Watch Gappiya funny video clips on every Friday.

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#10Rules (Epi-8) – How to talk to your wife

#10Rules(Epi8) - How to talk to your wife

Ratne aiys is teaching how to talk to your lovely wife in this episode.

Things you can do to make your girl friend or boy friend happy. 1. Buy some …

#10Rules (Epi-7) – How To Stay Calm

#10Rules-Episode 7

Gangster Ratne is teaching you how to stay calm on this episode. In a country like Sri Lanka it’s almost impossible to stay calm considering the stuff that goes down.

#10Rules (Epi-6) – How To Develop SriLanka

Gappiya Pictures - #10Rules Epi6

In this #10Rules episode Ratne aiya has some serious advice on how to develop Sri Lanka.

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