Sinhala joke video - Mates (Type of Sri Lankans in Australia)

Watch this Gappiya Sinhala joke video to ease in to day.

Types of mates you find in this Sinhala joke video

I know some of the Aussie Lankans out there won’t like this video but this is pretty funny. I met different types of Sinhala people over the years and this Sinhala joke video sums up some of the common types of Sinhala people who live in Australia, and of course if you are living in any other country other than Australia you would relate to this.

1) The guy who hates immigrate life.

No matter what this guy achieves, he hates his life abroad. He wants everything to be Sri Lankan but he doesn’t understand he lives in a different country.

2) The guy who ask for money.

We all hate this guy. This guy borrows money off you and never show up again. I used to live with someone like that and man, this is the worst kind to live with.

3) The guy who like to show off.- The real Sinhala joke video guy

This is a very common type. To me, this guy is the most annoying. We all like to boast here and there to make ourselves feel good but this guy is out of control.
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4) THe guy who you never see.- No Sinhala joke video for this guy

This guy works all the time and to me, this guy is the real winner. He works hard and never get involved in the bullshit. I had a lot of opportunity to work hard and make money but I was always lazy and wasn’t motivated.
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