Positive Thinking Sinhala - Lessons from the founder of Alibaba group

Welcome to positive thinking Sinhala video series. Today we are discussing lessons we can learn from Jack Ma,

Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba group. Alibaba is an e-commerce enterprise built from scratch when in communist China when the internet is not even heard of.

Positive thinking Sinhala Episode 2 – lessons we can learn from Jack Ma

1) Dream big, never let your environment let you down.
2) Work hard and build a dream team.
3) Do good business. Never look for short cuts.
4) Failure is the only fuel to success.

Jack Ma was born in a poor village in China. He failed at many things in life. He gets exposed to the internet when he was young and he gets fascinated by it. Mr. Ma says he looks for Chinese beer on a search engine but found nothing. He kept his dream alive for years and made close to no money for years until the idea started to spread like wildfire. It didn’t take much time to China to understand the power of internet.
If we practice these lessons, as a nation we can build to a great successful country no doubt. Let us all polish positive thinking sinhala style and grow.

Sri Lanka has a lot to absorb from this great Chinese entrepreneur. We need change how we think and adopt positive thinking sinhala to come through economic stress, poverty, and poor infrastructure.

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