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Gappiya sinhala comedy videos and funny music videos top ten chart

Apparently Gappiya is one of the most known YouTube names known to online Sinhala videos fans in Sri Lanka. One of my close friend and a huge fan invited me to to a collection of top Gappiya sinhala videos and music videos. I became a YouTuber by accident and I was making videos just for fun and just for the love of self satisfaction. When I am writing this, sinhala video space has grown to a whole new level and produced one of the best creative content I have seen after old sinhala  cinema from sixties.

I went through all my new sinhala videos and picked the best jokes and funny videos you guys like so far. Some include funny music videos and sinhala short music bits you guys love followed by a bit of history how the video got made. Here go the list.

10 – A comedy sinhala video still animation based on sri lankan society – Mr. Marvellous

Mr Marvellous is a funny yet surprisingly true representation of our new sinhala society. This is a turning point in Gappiya’s YouTube video journey and the first time you guys started to see my drawing skills. Most slides were sketched while travelling in the train and inked during early mornings listening to beautiful sinhala song. The reaction was amazing and this jokes video gave birth to famous Gappiya quote “My life is full marvellous” and I discovered a whole new funny side of my creativity.

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9 – Other side of sinhala society – This is an honest world

I did this right after I visited Sri Lanka for the first time after 10 years. It was a very funny feeling going back home after such a long period. Everything was new. People use to recognise me in the street for the first time and told me I make super funny jokes videos. For the first time I felt very good about myself. As we know, us sinhala people are such a bunch of funny lot. I couldn’t help but make this “super funny jokes” video about how sinhala people treat each other.

8 – Can sinhala culture digest this? The Underwear

This one is one of the very first one’s with Suddi (Lilly). When I first showed this to some of my close friends they thought this is a bit too much. Can sinhala people handle the funny side? Would you get into a trouble for doing this sort of thing? Well most people enjoyed it and I am sure you will too. We certainly enjoyed filming this. This video got a nice sinhala song touch at the end too.

7 – Turning point in Gappiya video journey – The Robber

This video is a turning point in my YouTube career. In this video I start experimenting with serious film making. Before this video I’ve done a couple of sinhala joke type of videos and wanted to bring something new to the table. Also I have a heavy sinhala rock music outro to match the style of the video. Fans loved and this gave me a new direction and Sinhala YouTube space slowly starting to recognise Gappiya.

6 – A new way of sinhala music video The Chicken curry

We had so much fun making this music video and sinhala  videos. I just discovered Abelton Live and was experimenting with new sounds. One afternoon I was playing with it and came up with cool new beat. It didn’t take me much time to fill the beat and come up with this funny lyrics. People loved it and they were telling me how catchy this is. It was suppose to be a typical Gappiya jokes video but this made me a music producer. Well, I don’t mind the new title.

5 – Funny behaviour of sinhala people abroad – The Foreigner

I just moved to a new place in Sydney with a couple of my old friends. One of the friends inspired me to come up with this script. I was looking for jobs at the time and had a nice afternoon to film this video quickly. Some got offended but most got the funny side of it. I received some hate messages and how this is not suppose to be a joke. Apparently I shouldn’t do jokes like this. This video has one of the best sinhala music outro’s I’ve done and each time I listen to it I feel like it’s new and fresh as yesterday.

4 – Sinhala superhero video Spider Man 2

One of the hardest videos I’ve done so far. This sinhala  videos has many characters and at first filming this was very challenging. I had to come up with new ways of making things funny and sinhala jokes dialogs that most people would enjoy hearing. This is again a massive turning point in Gappiya as a YouTuber. This merited me the title of great sinhala storyteller and versatile actor. Again this pushed me to a new direction of guerilla filmmaking and character building.

3 – Amazing Sinhala Spider Man

I wanted to make a serious sinhala  videos with a new super hero character similar to Hollywood. It didn’t take much to chuck that idea away when I realised how expensive good costumes are. So I bought a cheap costume and made a silly jokes type of sinhala character. It happened to be our favourite Spiderman malli. Also this video gives birth to a powerful character “Ratne aiya” and I have a nice sinhala music video bit at the end too.

2 – Sinhala romance explained in one video, Hansika

Almost every scene was shot before 7am in the morning before I go to work. One day I was reading a book in the balcony and the shadow of a screen door inspired me to do this video. I know the actual video got nothing to do with screen doors. I didn’t expect much of an attention to this video but most sinhala people thought it’s funny. The beginning of the video has a scene in the temple which some people thought “not good jokes” but overall this received a good welcome. I love the sinhala music bit at the end and this is also one of the most downloaded outros too.

1 – Bigged Gappiya video so far, It’s OK Baby

This is what made Gappiya to what it is today. I never thought this video will go this viral. My fan base exploded overnight with this video. Apparently this video created a whole new sinhala video culture and experimental music scene. A lot of people started doing sinhala videos after this video. A new sinhala video space was born.

If you enjoy it and this these have one of best sinhala funny jokes and music out there please do share it with your friends.

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