Gappiya comes home – Fifth Week – Funny sinhala video

Funny sinhala video of Gappiya’s fifth week in Sri Lanka. In this video you’ll see small takes from Gappiya’s meet and greet event in Galle. We had a lot of fun and thank you very much for turning up. We played a couple of fun games and 4 fans were able to win a free Gappiya T-Shirt. Watch above video to see the full funny sinhala video.

After the event Gappiya went on small trip to Galle fort. I have to say the new Galle fort and it’s little shops are very attractive but the prices are a little too high for what it is.
During the week Gappiya also visited the Mirissa beach which is one of the top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. Watch the video above to see Gappiya meet and greet event in Galle plus how Gappiya solve his bracket problem. Subscribe to Gappiya for more funny sinhala joke videos.
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