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Hello boys and girls, how are we? Hope everything is going pretty good with you. So last weekend was a bloody wet weekend. I hate when it rains in the weekend. As you know, Gappiya loves his weekend walk. Well, I didn’t want to wait for the next week, so I decided to go for a walk anyway. I am glad I did. Lilly came with me too and we went and roamed around a couple of streets in the middle of the town. Well, guess who we met. We met a lonely goat. I thought people in this country never leave their animals in the rain like this. Anyway, someone did. The poor goat was lonely and probably hungry. We game him some company for a short while had to shoot. While walking back home I realised that was the first time I patted a goat in my life. So one item from bucket list ticked.
Anyway, a new series called #SecretLove starts this Friday. Hope you all have a nice week and I see you guys next week.

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