Hi, I am Gappiya

I am a Sri Lankan content creator based in Melbourne.

Yeah, so this is my website, I guess.

Don't want to brag, but I am kinda a big deal. I got featured on Google. I was one of the first YouTubers to create content in the Sinhala language. I founded an online school, a clothing line, and a digital marketing consulting firm. (or and a self-help podcast called GappiyaThinking)

Impressed much?

This is what I am doing these days

  • I have a new podcast called "Gappiya Thinking". If you speak "Sinhala" and are curious about how to live a good life. You might find it interesting.
  • Just got recovered from 10+ years of shoulder pain (due to an injury) so learning to do pull-ups again.
  • I also work on a side hustle called "Lone Leopard." If you are based in Melbourne, have a small business and need a hand with digital marketing, you can talk to me.
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