Read Gappiya Diary - The Pool


How are you boys and girls? So I heard the local pool is open. Usually, it’s closed for winter. It won’t make much of a difference anyway since Gappiya doesn’t know how to swim. Yeah, it’s true Gappiya can’t swim. I remember last year I went with Lilly and I had to go in the kid’s section. I don’t think the kids minded me. But the parents certainly did. Imagine a Sri Lankan guy in the middle of a bunch of kids. Looks like a perfect child molester scandal to me.
Anyway, I heard there is some issues going on in the Sri Padaya. There a lot of misguided news about the whole thing. As usual, a bunch of stupid cultural retards making a noise and posting smashed phone sims. Well, no surprise there. Welcome to Sri Lankan. #10Rules this week on Friday at 12.30 pm.

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