Read Gappiya Diary - Motor head grand pa

Read Gappiya Diary - Motor head grand pa


Hello boys and girls, how are you doing? The weather was pretty nice up here so Gappiya went on a quick walk this weekend. Usually, I always go to a park very close to me but this week I thought I should expand my horizons. So I decided to go and have a look at this new park. Well, it’s not really a new park but I only being there a couple of times.
I was expecting an empty park since this park situated in a very sleepy town. This weekend the place was pumping. There were some old blokes with their motorbikes. I think it was some kind of a historical motorbike show. The owners were historical as much as their motorbikes. They were having their beers and talking highly about their babies (The mechanical babies I mean). I know I like motorbikes but I don’t know much about them but they all looked liked they were pretty well looked after. So, I thought it was a weekend well spent.
This week, Gappiya mini pictures coming your way. Hope you all have a nice week and I see you next week.



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